Engineering office

Through its engineering department, Schoonbroodt Hydraulics can improve cylinder repair. Not only by increasing the performance of the cylinder, but also the life expectancy. The engineering department also takes care of the design of custom made cylinders.

On-site diagnosis

The technical sales team can go on-site to analyze the problems of the customers.

Preparation / Engineering

When a cylinder enters the workshop, they verify if the repair is the subject of an offer.

Every order implies a specific preparation, both the components, the determination of the procedure and the machining plans.

The workshop can count on the adjacent engineering office. The team of experts listens to the needs of customers to improve their cylinders and to correct recurring problems. Another part of their job is the study of new projects, regardless of complexity.

Thanks to the system of traceability and history, from the moment the cylinder enters the workplace, any stage of the repair can be monitored. The customer can be informed in all transparency about the progress of his order.