Schoonbroodt Hydraulics is established in Verviers and repairs and manufactures all types of hydraulic cylinders. On an area of ​​over 2,000 m² a qualified team of 10 technicians offer repair of hydraulic cylinders, better than the original, with both durability and excellent performance.

Schoonbroodt Hydraulics, cylinder specialist

Thanks to the knowledge and reputation for over 75 years and thanks to the quality of service, Schoonbroodt Hydraulics can call itself one of the leaders in the sector.

Schoonbroodt Hydraulics, a quality reputation

The company Schoonbroodt was founded in 1939 by Nestor Schoonbroodt and his cousin and was active in the repair of trucks. In the 60s his son Nestor Schoonbroodt reoriented the company to hydraulics: hoses, cylinders and small systems. The third generation, headed by Philippe Schoonbroodt, focused successfully on the activity cylinder repair.

Under new management, a new impetus

In 2014 Philippe Schoonbroodt passed the torch to Michel Dethier, for more than 30 years employed by Schoonbroodt Hydraulics. The new direction is committed to continue the development of the activities in compliance with the values since 3 generations: quality, responsiveness and service.