Schoonbroodt Hydraulics workshop is equipped with the latest technology to perform following techniques: machining, honing, hard chrome plating, welding, assembly, testing and painting.

Machining and honing

Schoonbroodt Hydraulics has a production with extensive machinery: conventional lathes, one with 6 meters between the points, Teach-In lathes, milling machines, ...

The machine park is complemented by a wide range of spare parts and a large stock of raw materials.

Moreover, tubes Ø63 to Ø405 mm can be honed on the automatic honing machine over a length of 3.5 meters (or 7 meters along both sides).

Each piece is checked by the metrological service.

Hard chrome plating

The technique of vertical baths allows the chrome plating of all types of rods.

On request, Schoonbroodt Hydraulics can offer a chrome-nickel plating or special coatings such as electroless nickel plating or ceramic coating.


Schoonbroodt Hydraulics mainly uses MIG welding technique, automatic or semi-automatic. The technicians are also fluent in the techniques of TIG welding and the welding with electrode.

Assembly, test and painting

The assembly is ensured in the best possible conditions in terms of speed and precision. This is possible through the appropriate infrastructure: gantries, masts, forklifts ... and a team of specialists in the field of hydraulic cylinders.

After mounting each cylinder is tested on the bench.

The technical sales team can provide a detailed report to the customer.

The tests approach the actual operating conditions of the cylinder. Therefore Schoonbroodt Hydraulics also guarantees all repairs performed in his workshop.

Each cylinder receives an appropriate coating in the paint booth and will be presented as new.